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Postpartum support

Holding space for you while you navigate the early days of parenthood

Welcome to La Loba

The legend of La Loba reminds us that the spirit of the wild woman is within us and that, even when we feel depleted and out of touch with that spirit, we are able to revive it with the right care and support. 


Post Partum Support

Natural Herbs

What can you expect? 

Foundational Services: 

  • Creating a postpartum plan with you, which includes: organising your community, meal planning, creating a nurturing home environment, self care plan week by week 

  • Birth debrief

  • Breast/Chest feeding support 

  • Support and encouragement for your own intuitive parenting style

  • Preparing nourishing postpartum meals

  • Signposting to relevant resources and support services 

  • Caring for your baby while you rest  

  • Attending to your visitors 

Additional Services: 

  • Attending birth debrief appointment with you

  • Light housework 

  • Preparing reviving postpartum tea blends 

  • Herbal blend for sitz bath and yoni steam 

  • Foot rub with homemade organic ginger oil 

Supporting you through the hazy days

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Coming soon... 

Coming soon... 

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